We are a leading organization when it comes to providing affordable recharge and bills payment services for Agent resellers and Corporate institution. Bigisub is designed with the current economic situation in mind. We have made it easy for you to grow your riches via our platform by doing close to nothing thereby having a lot of time to focus on your normal day to day activities.


But before we start, here are our services you can make money from on bigisub

  • Wholesale Airtime Sales
  • Wholesale Data Sales
  • Discounted Dstv, Gotv And Startimes Subscriptions
  • Discounted Nepa Bills Payments
  • Bulk SMS to customers

          and other services we have in stock for you

You can make up to 1 million naira in recharge and data business with our very cheap data packages and discounted airtime prices. This business is one of the few businesses out there that you can start with zero capital. Yes, ZERO CAPITAL.

Continue reading while I show you the easy step by step guide:


Step 1


First thing you have to do is to register on Bigisub

Click on


  1. Click on get started and fill the registration form provided. Click on ‘I agree to terms and conditions’ and proceed to click on signup.
  2. After a successful signup, verify your email by checking the email sent to you by Bigisub. Usually, you would find the email in your inbox. But if otherwise, check your spam folder. It would be there
  3. Now, click on the link to verify your account.


Pls note: If you don’t verify your email, In a scenario you forget your password, you won’t be able to reset it and you will lose the accounts and funds. No admin will be able to help you, Make sure you verify your email before logging IN.



Once you have verified your account, go to and click on pricing to see the current prices for all our data packages

Once you click on that, the next page opens with the list of data prices for regular user and corporate user


Now that you have seen the prices for regular user and corporate users, and you already have a Bigisub account, let us proceed to the next step and start the data business as a regular user.


The next step is to inform friends and families about your new business. Let them know you can sell data to them at a very cheap and affordable price. Since you would be getting the data at a wholesales price, all you have to do is to add your own profit to the price of data you get from the website and then send the price to your customers.  No matter how big the size of data is, assure them you would sell to them. You need to bring in your marketing skills and customer service skills into this in order to make it work.


Now, let us assume your friend eventually decided to buy mtn 5gb from you, all you have to do is to send her your bank account details and inform her to transfer the money into your account. For example, after confirming that the current price of MTN 1gb is 235 naira on the website, and you decide to sell for 300 naira per gb, that means your friend will have to pay 1500 naira for 5gb.

Then you go ahead to your bigisub account and login. You then go ahead to fund your wallet with paystack funding from the money your friend sent to your account. You decide to fund  your wallet with 1175 naira plus 30 naira paystack processing fee. That’s a total of 1205 naira.


Once your wallet is funded, you then proceed to buy mtn 5gb and input your friend’s phone number in the form. She gets the data immediately.

The remaining 295 naira remains in your bank account as the net profit from the sales. Your friend is happy for the service, you also made some profit. Everybody wins.

Once you now understand the platform, you then decide to verify your account to remove the 4,000 naira daily transaction limit and then qualify to make unlimited transactions as well as be eligible to use the manual bank funding. Paystack funding comes with its own challenge which is that the maximum payment you can make is 2,450 naira. Hence, the need to verify your account to be eligible to use manual payment. Manual payment charges just 30 naira from any amount you want to deposit into your wallet.


You need to verify first after which you can be eligible to use the manual funding. Below is the manual funding page


You need to understand that recharge and data business is customer-based, it's crucial to have a large customer base in order to generate more profit. Utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp can be an effective way to reach a wider audience. A few repost of your business by your friends to their own social media page would increase the reach of your business advert.

Now, let us proceed. After recharging your friend and she sees how swift, cheap and reliable your service is, she mentioned about your business during a conversation with her other friends and they decided to reach out to you. 5 of her friends purchased 5gb each from you in a day and you charge them each 1500 naira (1175 naira for 5gb on bigisub + 30 naira manual payment charge =1205 naira) and you made a profit of 295 naira on each of them and that is a total of 1475 naira for that day.

Let’s say you rinse and repeat the whole process and continue to make an average of 1500 naira daily. That is 36,000 naira monthly. You can then take some money from it to take care of personal finance and flex. Of course, you would make sure to keep a larger percentage for reinvestment into the business which you can keep some in your Bigisub wallet.

Now, after some months of steady income, you decide to leverage on the power of ads and in a matter of time, your customer base increased by x6. You can now boast of making over 200,000 naira on a monthly basis. Remember, airtime and data sales is just 2 out of our lists of income generating services. Isn’t that awesome?!

More juicy offers

But that is not all, we have packaged 3 more juicy offers for you:

  • When you upgrade to corporate user where you can even buy cheaper than what you currently have as a regular user.

You can upgrade to corporate user for just 10,000 naira yearly and start to buy data at a ridiculously cheaper price.

  • With our affiliate membership if you refer anyone to and they register with your affiliate link, you will earn 1 naira on every transaction they do for life. this is good for people who want to refer multiple people as a source of business and are interested in making money while sleeping for life. 1 naira may look small, but imagine you refer just 10 customers that are active and make lots of sales daily. Assume each of them makes at least 80 transactions daily.

In a month, that’s 24,000 naira.

And in just 5 months, you’ve made over 100,000 naira doing nothing but just helping friends and families to get solutions to their data needs.

Now, imagine you refer 20, 30 or 50 of such customers. Your earning potential is limitless

You can join our affiliate program with just 2,000 naira payment



  • Retailer website- you can now have your own website that uses our api with just 75,000 naira only.

Stay tuned for subsequent blog posts or videos explaining these 3 offers well in details


You can test and implement everything explained in this blog post and give us your feedback in the comment section. We would love to hear them!

Feb. 16, 2023, 12:52 p.m.