We are a leading organization when it comes to providing affordable recharge and bills payment services for Agent resellers and Corporate institution. Bigisub is designed with the current economic situation in mind. We have made it easy for you to grow your riches via our platform by doing close to nothing thereby having a lot of time to focus on your normal day to day activities.

You can make up to 1 million naira in recharge and data business with our new features that enables you to earn for a lifetime once you join our affiliate program.

Why you should register on bigisub?

Registration on bigisub comes with 2 juicy packages at the moment

  • corporate user benefit
  • affiliate membership

Corporate user benefit

  • Buy as low as #225/Gig
  • Renew or Change Tv and Bills Subscription that prevent hanging payment(AI assisted)
  • Autorefund and AutoResponse (Ai assisted)
  • I.D and Number searched Transaction
  • Bulk Order Capabilities
  • AI assistance and 100% Instant Delivery 24/7
  • Priority Support
  • Sophisticated Dashboard
  • Sms Notification
  • More Features beta Access

Buy Cheaper and get more discount across all our services

Affiliate membership benefit

  • Earn on every Data transactions of your referer
  • Benefit from other products included to the program
  • Make money with little to no capital
  • Make money for life
  • Sophisticated affiliate tracking page

and so on

Our services you can make money from on bigisub

  • Wholesale Airtime Sales
  • Wholesale Data Sales
  • Discounted Dstv, Gotv And Startimes Subscriptions
  • Discounted Nepa Bills Payments
  • Bulk SMS to customers

            and other services we have in stock for you

Now that you are familiar with our services and the benefits, we would go through how you can signup on Bigisub and how you can make up to 1million naira monthly


First thing you have to do is to register on Bigisub

Click on


  1. Click on get started and fill the registration form provided. Click on ‘I agree to terms and conditions’ and proceed to click on signup.
  2. After a successful signup, verify your email by checking the email sent to you by Bigisub. Usually, you would find the email in your inbox. But if otherwise, check you spam folder. It would be there
  3. Now, click on the link to verify your account.


Pls note: If you don’t verify your email, In a scenario you forget your password, you won’t be able to reset it and you will lose the accounts and funds.. No admin will be able to help you, Make sure you verify your email before logging IN.

How you make money on Bigisub

  • Visit,
  • Click on pricing, you would see the prices for regular user and corporate user

The prices you find on this page are the prices Bigisub will supply the data to you

To run a successful recharge business, you must understand how to price your products and services. After understanding the prices, it's important to add your desired profit margin to determine your selling price. By doing this, you can ensure that you are making  profit and have a clear idea of what to charge your customers.


In a customer-based business like recharge and data business, it's crucial to have a large customer base in order to generate more profit. To attract new customers, start by informing your family and friends about your new business and encourage them to spread the word. Utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp can be an effective way to reach a wider audience. A few repost of your business by your friends to their own social media page would increase the reach of your business advert.


You can also market your business online to help you attract new customers by creating targeted online ads. It's important to communicate with your customers effectively and provide exceptional customer service to build customer loyalty and encourage positive word-of-mouth advertising. By utilizing these marketing and communication strategies, you can help your data recharge business grow and thrive.



How to join corporate user

If you are a very Big reseller, a corporate organization or a big recharge entrepreneur, use our cotrporate membership program to buy at level 1 corporate transmission owner price.

 To join our corporate user,

  1. Login to your Account using your provided username and password
  2. Click on ‘corporate user upgrade’
  3. Read about corporate user

  1. Click on ‘become corporate 10,000 naira yearly’

How do you earn for life on Bigisub?

With our affiliate membership if you refer anyone to and they register with your affiliate link, you will earn 1 naira on every transaction they do for life. this is good for people who want to refer multiple people as a source of business and are interested in making money while sleeping for life. 1 naira may look small, but imagine you refer just 10 customers that are active and make lots of sales daily. Assume each of them makes at least 80 transactions daily.

In a month, that’s 24,000 naira.

And in just 5 months, you’ve made over 100,000 naira doing nothing but just helping friends and families to get solutions to their data needs.

Now, imagine you refer 20, 30 or 50 of such customers. Your earning potential is limitless


How to join the affiliate program

  1. Login to your Account using your provided username and password
  2. Click on ‘become an affiliate’
  3. Read about our affiliate opportunities

  1. Click on ‘Get affiliate link’




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